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                                                      2018 Scholarship Recipients

Each year the Arlington Education Foundation awards scholarships to college-bound applicants from Arlington High School. The applicants for our scholarships are incredible young men and women from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Their achievements in high school are indicative of their future success in college and in life. Their plans for the future will undoubtedly impact the world we live in.

The Arlington Education Foundation provides funding for over 30 different scholarship funds through the generous donations of individual and business donors. Click below for a complete listing of the scholarships awarded. On June 1, 2018, the Foundation awarded 40 scholarships to 39 scholarship applicants totaling 30,450 (Click here to see the complete album of photos from the 2018 scholarship breakfast) Each year we strive to recognize more of our students through this program. To make your donation to the scholarship program, please click on the program link below.   

To view and download the 2018 Scholarship Application, click here.

For a complete listing of the 2018 Scholarships, click here.
To donate to the Scholarship Program, click here.

Congratulations to our 2018 Scholarship Recipients

** Selection for the following scholarships is based on AEF Scholarship application **

Agnes Flint Scholarship
Miranda Schiavone

Arlington Education Foundation Scholarship for Academic Excellence
Daniel Knop 
Zack Tamweber
Margaret Ellman
Pamela Yang
Maple Chen

Arthur S. May Scholarship
Jordan Glynn

Dr. Thomas Hasenpflug Scholarship
Tyler Maegerle

Evelyn Darling Memorial Scholarship
Kezia Lovell 

Frederick A. Eberhard III Memorial Scholarship
Jacob Meester

Harold C. Storm Scholarship
Christian Stuewer

Irene C. Keyes Memorial Scholarship
Alexa Peruffo

Joseph D'Aquanni Scholarship
Madeline Eckhardt

LaGrange Middle School Scholarship
Meghan Barker 

Lauren E. Sena Scholarship
Rachel Priebe

NYPD Officer Michael C. Williams Memorial Scholarships
Julianna Caruso
Thomas Cornell

Special Education PTA (SEPTA) Graduate Scholarship
Katherine Fitch

Steve Brady Scholarship
Jacquez Poolek

The Class of 1962 Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Follette

The Donna Wisnewski Memorial Scholarship
                                                                 Charlotte Bodack                                                                 

The Pleasant Valley Lions Scholarship in Memory of Cecil D. Sherow
Daniel Carter 

The Pleasant Valley Lions Scholarship in Memory of Donald W. Teal
Matthew Catron

The William Henry Landry Memorial Scholarship
Remy Oktay

Union Vale Middle School Scholarship
Hami Kang

Watson Sanford Scholarship
Sydney Hichak

** Selection for the following scholarships is based on AHS Staff Nomination **

AHS Class of 1965 Scholarships
Rebeca Duarte
Hanny Vasquez

Charlie Johnson Memorial Scholarships
Lee Durkin
Zack Tamweber 

Leo J. Darling Scholarship
Bryan Delaney

Lynn E. Darling Scholarships
Austin Fox
Sophie Eisenbach

Stefanie D. Rice Early Childhood Education Scholarship
Alexis Brill

The Bill Dillon Scholarships
Andrew Biasotti
Jake Cirrito
Anthony Gallo

The Bob Jacovino Memorial Scholarship
Tyler Waszczack 

The Evin H. Kleinganz Athletic Sportsmanship Award
Michael Bulgia

The Jon Gilroy Inspiration Award for Athletics
Sabrina Grandinetti


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